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We are a team of experienced photographers specializing in branding and marketing. We create authentic images for your that help visually communicate your company's personality, mission, and values in a way that naturally attracts your ideal customer, by telling a story about your brand.

Not sure who your target market is or what vibe you are looking for?

We can chat through your goals before the shoot and help you nail down a strategy.

Where will the shoot take place?

We have built a custom studio where we have access to controlled light, colorful backdrops, unique props, as well as natural light outdoor spaces to create virtually any look you need. If you are seeking a clean, white background with perfect lighting, we have the gear and the technical skills to make that happen. If you are going for a more relaxed, lifestyle theme with millennial pastels, lush greenery, for Instagram-ready and perfect-for-Pintrist images, we're here for it. We have solid color backdrops and a variety of textures, textiles, and other materials such as wood, metal, and glass although some of our clients prefer the classic solid white or black backdrop to showcase their products. If you are certain you do not want a studio shoot, and prefer our team to come to you, that is our specialty. We love to travel, and getting to see your team doing what they do, helps us get an authentic feel for who you are, what you do, and what you represent. That helps our creative process because we can see it with our eyes, hear what your vision is, and physically experience your brand while we are present. Then, we take that information and create new content that is in alignment with your company culture, mission, values, and marketing goals. It is our goal to give you high resolution photos that not only resonate with you, but also provide tangible, highly marketable images that you will be proud to show off.

How long do marketing photoshoots typically take?

Branding and marketing photoshoots can be completed in one standalone shoot or take place over multiple days and locations depending on your marketing plan and strategy. Understanding client goals helps us plan photoshoots that are cost effective and make the most use of time in our photography studio or on site at client locations. We can work with your web designers, graphic designers and any other members of your team to make sure that all photography deliverables are sized appropriately for your individual marketing goals.

How much will it cost?

To see the exact price for branding photoshoot packages you can call, text, or email us to request a proposal. Our packages typically start at $900, but most clients choose to spend about $4,800.00 on average for a complete branding package.

How to get started

If you aren't sure about what you need, or how to budget for marketing, give us a call (916) 316-2090 and we can discuss your needs in more detail. Our fully customizable packages allow for flexibility, and can include studio or outdoor settings, styled product photography, professional staff portraits, in-motion action-shots or lifestyle branding images of your products in use with models.We would love to hear more about your vision and goals and work with you to create unique images that tell your story.

We are the best photographers for your project

We listen, we visualize, we communicate, create and execute.

We hope that you will review our work and get a feel for our capabilities, but since you have made it this far--we recommend you give us a call to chat through where you are in your process. Even if you are not the final decision maker, feel free to reach out, or even put us in touch with your creative lead for the project. Our clients tell us often that they love our responsiveness.

(916) 316-2090

You can be as involved or hand-off as you would like to be during the shoot. Our goal is to connect with you early on in the process so we understand you as a person, your brand identify, and your company's vision for the future of the brand. It helps us to know who you are and where you want to go, in order to communicate that visually through images. Developing new content can sometimes be quick and simple if you have a clear vision, but sometimes there are challenges, and we get that! We specialize in dynamic projects and have photographed some strange and unusual people, places, and things. From lifestyle photography and documentary style interviews for people with physical disabilities, to action shots of welding and metal work, we are not afraid to work closely with you and your team to bring your vision to life. We have helped document the work of non profits, to expand their mission and we have photographed large industrial warehouse spaces in Sacramento, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, New York, and Burbank Hollywood photographing everything from the smallest of details to the people who make things happen. We maintain positive "can-do" attitudes and high levels of professionalism while we are working, and we aren't afraid to be ourselves. We take our work very seriously, but we have fun doing it. Some of our branding shoots have involved hand crafted artisan gelato companies, which was effectively the most fun photoshoot --because who doesn't love ice cream!